Operations in Africa

Access Development is a social enterprise that uses business principles to ensure sustainability while maintaining a focus on the provision of safe water for rural communities.  Registered as a local business in 5 countries in Africa: Ghana, Ethiopia, Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali; Access Development is working with smaller local businesses to promote the development and operation of improved water supply systems.  By developing a network of trained service providers who drill wells, install pumps, and provide maintenance and operations for handpumps and mechanized boreholes costs can be kept low while maintaining a high level of service.  These local businesses are supported by manufacturing units in Ghana and in Ethiopia that manufacture, hand pumps, drilling equipment and pre-fabricated water kiosks. 



Ghana is the hub for Access Development activities in West Africa.  From the manufacturing facility in Tamale Access Development Ltd provides support to AD subsidiaries in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali.  The facility makes low cost drilling equipment, hand pumps and stocks parts and supplies for construction and operation of water kiosk that provide treated water for rural communities. Operations in Ghana are concentrated in Upper East, Upper West and Western Regions.


Access Development LLC (Ethiopia Branch) is a manufacturing company that supports local businesses that drill cost effective boreholes by manufacturing high quality low cost manual drilling equipment and Access 1.2 hand pumps.  With a manufacturing facility centrally located in Addis Ababa, AD Ethiopia supports drillers working in 12 districts in Ethiopia.  In addition to the drilling tools and pumps AD Ethiopia provides end users with training so that they can effectively use our products.



Access Development Niger SARL is a social enterprise committed to improving access to water in Niger for both household and productive purposes. AD Niger creates certified providers by training local businesses to improve their capacity to drill cost effective boreholes, install pumps and mange water systems.  The network of AD companies across Africa exchanges information on technology development to improve the success rate of cost effective boreholes.  Innovations have included low cost geophysics, coring tool and improved tools for rotary jetting. 

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso Access Development Burkina Faso SARL is currently working with local business in Banfora and Bobo Dioulasso to drill cost effective boreholes using low cost techniques.  With funding from Water4, One Drop, Hilton Foundation and WaterAid, AD Burkina is seeking to reduce the borehole cost by using cost effective techniques, while providing training to local business and artisans to improve the sustainability of water delivery for rural communities.  With support from the AD manufacturing facility in Ghana, AD Burkina will be installing several water kiosks that will provide high quality treated water to rural communities.